How we work

We only focus on native and display advertising in order to generate high quality leads. We create the ads, design the landingpages, shoot the photo's and buy the online traffic - whatever your campaign needs. You don't pay for any of that, we foot those bills ourselves. You only pay a fixed price per lead. This makes your goal our goal and we go for the best results together.

New way of generating leads

Finding info via your smartphone, a review on your tablet and making your purchase on your laptop. Online purchasing behaviour is complicated. But not impossible to trace. Certainly not when you measure everything down to the smallest detail like we do. Our own algorithms will reach your target group at precisely the right moment via precisely the right channels. Generating leads on Facebook is old news. We are specialised in generating leads on display and native ads. This is where we find many opportunities for our clients!

Specialist in native ads and display

How do we do it? We address consumers on their latent needs, often with articles (native ads) and advertisements (display). Via a convincing landing page, the customer will then indicate being interested. Not through pricing or surveys, but simply with a dedicated response form. This makes our leads so valuable and high-quality.

We gauge, adjust and gauge some more

The best part of generating online leads is that the effect is immediately visible. You see what works on which channel and you can then immediately begin optimising. This is precisely what makes our profession so exciting. Finding creative solutions, monitoring, optimising and: continuing to gauge. Because what worked perfectly yesterday, may not necessarily work today.

Short lines, fast results

Generating leads online demands perseverance. That is why we are flat organisation. You will have direct contact with the people who are dedicated to working on your campaign. We may be informal, but we are extremely serious when it comes to what we do. When we believe we can do better, we will make you a concrete proposal. And we are always open to your ideas.

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Bert Jan van der Molen

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Bert Jan van der Molen Business Development Manager